Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pocket Square

I recently acquired a Pocket Square digital camera -- a tiny (about 2" long x 1" high) digital camera that takes square "Holga-esque" images (and videos). There's no viewfinder, nor is there a way to view your images until you remove them from your camera; so, there will be a slight learning curve with this one, but a fun one at that.

What's this? A link?

When I started this blog, I claimed that, in addition to my own photography, I would try to feature other artists/photographers. That's yet to pan out quite like I'd hoped, but in the meantime there's this:

Jason Kottke recently posted some photos taken by his three year old son. Kottke gave his son an old digital camera equipped with a memory card capable of wirelessly uploading the photos straight to Flickr. It's always interesting to see the results of such experiments -- once again seeing the world around us through the perspective of a child.

His blog has a short write up about this project, as well as some instructions/suggestions to help others get their favorite wee ones started on such an excursion.