Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In addition to my photography, I've been playing around with video editing software Final Cut Pro. In the span of the class I've recently completed, we had four major assignments:

The first assignment dealt with editing continuity. We were assigned a chunk of uncut footage and had to form a narrative out of it. Again, I did not film the footage used, I only provided the editing.

The second assignment also dealt with continuity, but in this case the class was divided into groups which were responsible for every aspect of the production process -- developing a story, acting, filming footage, editing, etc.

The third assignment had two distinct parts to it -- we had to edit together dialogue between two characters, as well as cut/edit to the beat of music.
Again, this footage was assigned. I did not film any of the footage used; I only edited it together.

The fourth & final assignment dealt with editing a montage. Each member of the class chose one of four sets of criteria for their montage. We were also given the option of filming our own footage, using footage from any of the previous assignments, or using stock or found footage. I chose to film my own footage; I used a Flip camera for the high(er) defintion shots, as well as the video function on my Pocket Square and Harinezumi 2+++ cameras.