Friday, October 22, 2010

NYC, pt.6: Manhattan, pt.1: Times Square

Back to the fisheye lens

NYC, pt.5: Queens, pt.5

And, let's not forget the Pentax 35mm...

NYC, pt.4: Queens, pt.4

More Holga shots

NYC, pt.3: Queens, pt.3

Picking back up where I left off a few weeks ago, here are some more photos from my (somewhat) recent visit to NYC. This time around, some photos from the Holga.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NYC, pt.2: Queens, pt.2

More fisheye:

on returning / NYC, pt.1: Queens, pt.1

I didn't realize it had been nearly a month since I put anything down here. But, the month was a busy one: I was in NYC for a few days to visit friends (and take photos), and I started back to my winter semester of classes about three weeks back. Hopefully, I'm back for a while now.


Speaking of my recent time in New York -- and of the photos I took while I was there -- for the next few days, I'll be focusing primarily on those photos. Here are some fisheye shots I took while in Queens.

Since it usually goes neglected these days, I took all my digital shots with the fisheye lens attached to the camera. In doing so, I rediscovered how much fun such an addition could be.